Made for Walking?

Here's a little post-paralympic posting in the form of a short film by up and coming director Melodie Roulaud in collaboration with disabled model, artist and muse, Sophie Morgan. It's a fashion film inspired by art director Amaya Ducru Clouthier's intiall thoughts on 'the dichotomy of shoes that are impossible to walk in, placed parallel to feet that are unable to walk.'

Roulaud explains that the overall project is based around Sophie, rather than a fashion film which uses a model for its own ends, '[Sophie] is the inspiration and the motor of the film, she is very involved in fashion and participated in the BBC’s, ‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’ four years ago and created the Mannequal, a display mannequin designed to change how disability is represented on the high street. We interviewed her regarding her views on fashion, femininity and beauty, and how she experiences them daily. Amaya then composed her words into the poem that Sophie herself reads as the voice over.'

Impossible Shoes from Anomalous Visuals on Vimeo.

Director - Melodie Roulaud
Art Director - Amaya Ducru Clouthier
Director of Photography - Sam Fisher
Camera Operator - Oliver Lockhart-Matthews
Composer - Jessica Dannheisser
Hair & Make Up - Aga Dobosz
Runners - Ben Bushell and Harrison Brooker
Starring Sophie Morgan


The film will be shown at Curzon Cinema in Soho from 7th September 2012 until the 13th prior to feature film LOVE by William Eubank.