Get Your Hippie On

The weather hasn’t exactly been ideal for festivals this year, they’ve generally all been a complete-wash out with ticket sales plummeting and even some smaller festivals having to cancel because of the adverse weather conditions. Although we haven’t let this dampen our festival spirits no one can deny that seeing the sunshine makes a festival just a little bit more enjoyable and it sure looks like the sun will be shining for the September festivals which are taking advantage of the trend in Indian summers.
Nestled into the Sussex Countryside Over the Moon is one of the UK festival scene's biggest kept secrets and is a truly intimate affair with just 2,000 attendees. Over the Moon is more than just a music festival, it’s a heart-felt celebration of art and culture. With this festival, music doesn’t take the spotlight, people aren’t attracted by the headline acts but by the festival atmosphere and a rather more unique experience. To experience Over The Moon is to return to your childhood, and take away a fairytale story to tell. This is the place where your imagination knows no boundaries and you can explore your wildest fantasies.
It's a family-friendly festival, a playground for all ages with a host of local, national and international musicians, installation art, theatrical performances, circus, cabaret and film. There’s the chance to get involved in music lessons, bush-craft, stone-carving, blacksmithing, wood-turning workshops, yoga, tai-chi and reiki classes, or even flash mob art installations.
Fall through the rabbit hole into a wonderland of the exquisite and the magical, lose your way on the yellow brick road and discover an eccentric fairytale land. The theme for this years festival is ‘The Great Journey’ represented through installations and performances designed to take your mind on an adventure, to kindle the wonders of the imagination and the mystery of dreams. The festival site becomes an art gallery with the festival goers in their brightly coloured dress up becoming part of the exhibition. 
The feeling of freedom felt at this festival will seep into you on arrival, pure silliness is encouraged and no one's here to judge. Sleep under the stars with strangers and weave floral garland through your hair, put on your best festival get-up and dust yourself in glitter. As Allen Ginsberg once said “Follow your inner moonlight;  don't hide the madness.” 

Words – Rosa Lily
Over the Moon takes place on September 14th-16th in Hempstead Lane, East Sussex. Tickets are available at www.overthemoonfestival.com