Festival of Failure

Have you ever inadvertently killed an owl in one of the world's holiest places? Plumbed your mum's toilet with hot water? Had your blouse come open during an interview for your dream job? Or tucked your skirt into your knickers?

These are just some of the clangers being celebrated at the Festival of Failure.

Over the summer the Festival of Failure is asking people to reclaim their shame by tweeting or posting their personal failures. It's a chance for people to be happy with an 'A for effort', fondly remember those lose-lose situations and be proud of being picked last.

Emma from the festival organisers Paper said; "If you're sick of the relentlessly upbeat, success focused summer, this festival is for you. Bugger the Olympics. Bugger achievement. Crack open a supermarket own-brand beer and tell the world about your fashion faux-pas, work fiascos and sporting disasters."

You can get involved online at or at Twitter #festivaloffailure. It's quite funny. A for effort.